BOOK REVIEW: Clear Skin Forever

Clear Skin Forever v1.6_100%On it’s surface (hmm, there’s probably a pun in that) this book is just about skin care. But the more you read, you realize just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

In fact, this book might as well be called “Clear HEALTH Forever” since, as the authors point out, bad skin is only the messenger. Acne is the body’s way of crying out for help for a more deep-seated problem: some dietary or lifestyle (environmental or psychological stress) issue that needs addressing.

Fix the underlying health issue and you fix your skin.

Makes sense, right?

But dermatology, like much of Western medicine, is focused on making the symptoms go away: creams, cleansers, ointments, acids, peels… all of which work for the moment, have a host of associated risks and side-effects, and then land the user right back where they started. (Or leave them worse off, since the side-effects exacerbate the underlying health problems and thereby worsen the acne. Thanks a bunch, drug companies.)

This is why people get so frustrated trying to clear up their skin. They’re doing exactly what their doctor tells them to, but the problem goes on, and on…

Attacking the surface problem, as the authors point out, is contrary to much of the latest research on skin health. The more researchers look into it, the more they find that internal health issues—problems in the organs, gut, or even brain—are the hidden cause behind acne and inflammatory skin problems.

The good news: these problems can often be addressed through dietary and lifestyle changes.

The authors go into great detail about how to make these shifts, and do so in a way that is gradual and gets easier over time, so that, unlike most dietary and lifestyle “experiments”, the change is lasting. (Hence the “Forever” in the title.)

Clear Skin Forever is a quick, easy read, but it also does a great job introducing some of the more complex science behind skin problems. It’s a very concise, clear restatement of paleo-ish nutrition principles, along with some common sense guidelines for fine-tuning things based on your own results. Plus, unlike a lot of nutrition opinion out there, the authors back their claims up with links to the relevant research, so you can check it out for yourself.

Highly recommended, not just for those in search of clear skin, but anyone who wants to take control of their diet, get over their bad lifestyle habits, and make healthy living second nature.

(Even those already familiar with “evolutionary health” principles will find some fantastic value here. Sometimes it’s good to get a fresh take on what you already “know”. For example, after reading their section on “Safe Starches” we were convinced to add more into our own meals. And the section on soaps and cosmetics will make you re-think your obsessive bathing habits! We also really liked the description of insulin as an annoying friend that won’t stop knocking on your door 🙂 So true!)

Also check out their website:, a trove of information, with tons of links to the latest research on skin health. (Fair disclosure: Richard has written a couple of articles for them: one on probiotics, another on turmeric. They didn’t ask him to write this review, though—he just felt compelled to tell Sexy Eyes readers about it all by his lonesome.)

Happy to include this one on our recommended reading page. Check it out!

(Oh… and send a copy to your dermatologist.)

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