Sexy Eyes for Bacon

Great name, right? We know.

A co-worker, while innocently eating his lunch one day, made eye contact with a desperate-looking Meagan and said: “Are you making… sexy eyes… at my bacon?”

Yep, she was.

And who hasn’t at one time or another? Even the staunchest vegan. (It’s okay to stop living in denial… one half of us are recovering ex-vegans, as well. You’re among friends here!)

But it’s not all about bacon. It’s food. The way it should be: by nature, with a human craftiness for scrumptuosity. (What? It’s a word.)

Is it “paleo”? More or less. To borrow an oft-used phrase: nothing in biology makes sense except in light of evolution.

But labels can be a box. We prefer to think of it as food. Our ancestors needed no special “diets”. They did not chase down a gazelle and say: “Wait… is it paleo?” After all, they had no need to distinguish “food” from soda drinks, pizza and triple-icing cinnamon buns.

Let’s break it down in simple terms…

What you won’t find here: junk, processed, “laboratory edibles”, grains, sugar.

What you will find here: delicious, delicious, tasty ways of preparing animals and vegetables, using fresh, organic and/or homegrown ingredients.

Did we mention delicious?

Like bacon.

So… welcome to our kitchen!

Sexy eyes welcome.


Meagan Metcalf, Cook – Photographer – Kitchen Wizardess

Richard Weir, Writer – Web Admin – Head Taster

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